Vision Statement

Using God’s Gifts (Charisma) to be a Praying, Evangelising, Mission and Caring Church.

1 Corinthians 14: 12 “Since you are eager to have spiritual gifts, try to excel in gifts that build up the church.”

Mission Statement

     (a) We want to commit to be a PRAYING CHURCH by going to the ALTAR of the LORD.
     (b) This would mean going to the ALTAR – Personally, as families and in our homes.
     (c) To encourage our members to be part of our PRAYING ALTARS onTuesdays and Saturdays.
     (d) To host regular Chain and Rally Prayer sessions.
     (e) To spend time in INTERCESSION for our ministry, members, community and church.

     (a) We commit to share the Gospel message of salvation to our members, our community, region, country and the world.    

      (b) We commit to support the Laudium Outreach Group (LOG).

     (a) We commit to share the Gospel through comunity activities and involvement.
     (b) One of the vehicles for the community work will be “The Charisma Community Support and Care Centre” (COMSAC).  
     (c) We commit to the missions of God (Missio Dei) where possible in our community, city, province, country, and the world.

     (a) We commit to care for our members and adherents through our church services and programmes.
     (b) We commit to care through Pastoral minitry and visits.
     (c) We commit to provide Spiritual Care, Teaching, Mobilising and to encourage membership involvement in ministry.