About Us

I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it (Matthew 16: 18)

The ministry of this church began in 1966 with people who lived in Lady Selborne and Marabastad. Students from the Dutch Reformed Church, the universities and Dorethea Mission were instrumental in ministering to the people. The message of understanding Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour was spread among the people in these areas. Much time and effort was spent by these early missionaries. People from both areas were re-located to Laudium. The response from the people gave rise to the establishing a fellowship of people who met regularly for worship. This group met in schools, homes and tents.

This fellowship grew and more people joined the group. The site in 261 Jewel Street, Laudium was acquired and a tent erected on this property to be the place of worship. After worshipping in the tent for a few years, the members of this fellowship began its plan to build a church. The fellowship of worshippers worked extremely hard to raise funds to finance the building project. At this time Dr Perold de Beer was the pastor to this fellowship of worshippers. Dr de Beer, his wife Maritha and the leaders of the fellowship worked very hard in these early years in their spiritual work and to raise funds for the building. After much fund raising, donations and gifts, the building process began.

On 30 October 1972 this fellowship was established as a bona fide congregation of the then Indian Reformed Church. The name of the denomination subsequently changed to “the Reformed Church in Africa - RCA” as the church moved away from being an ethnic church to be a church for all peopleThe members began to use the building for worship services even though the construction of the building was not complete. Over the next year or two the building was completed. The people who served this church from then were the late Prof. Chris Greyling, the late Rev Botes, Dr Perold de Beer who officially opened the church in 1972, is still a member of the church today. He is retired and serves us as our spiritual father. The church was also served by Prof. Klippies Kritzinger (now a lecturer at UNISA), late Rev Hendrik Pieters, Dr Nobin Shunmugam (now a minister in Australia), Rev. Maniraj Sukdaven (now a lecturer at the university of the Free State).  Special mention must be made of the late Mr. Henry Kemp, the Rector of the Transvaal College of Education (now Rosina Sedibane Colllege) who served RCA Charisma faithfully, sacrificially and diligently as an Elder for many years until his passing away. Evangelist Boy Govender served the congregation as an Evangelist for a period of time. Many other people from the community also served the congregation in various capacities.

On Sunday 28 October 2012, the congregation gave thanks to God and celebrated its 40th Anniversary of being established as the Reformed Church in Africa – Congregation Charisma at 261 Jewel Street, Laudium. The occasion was celebrated together with the congregations RCA Shanti – Palmridge, RCA Jeshua – Lenasia South, the members of RCA Charisma and guests. We estimate there must have been 450 people in attendance. There was a service where Dr Gideon van der Watt ministered on Christian and Biblical Stewardship of ourselves. We celebrated the Holy Communion together. Thereafter we went into a programme of receiving Reflections, Acknowledgements, Testimonies and greetings. The day closed with lunch.

The congregation is currently served by Rev Victor Pillay